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Cudahy community demands rent control, establishes Tenants Union

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Cudahy community members called in to the Tuesday February 2nd, 2021 meeting, demanding protections for tenants and calling for rent control in the City of Cudahy, which Census data shows has over 75% renter-occupied housing units.

Resident Susie de Santiago, who identified herself as a property-owner said “There’s been one friend who’s rent was increased 700 dollars, which was 33% of what her rent was. So that’s not good.”

Edin Enamorado noted that steep rent increases violate state law AB1482, “We’ve seen rent increases going beyond the 5% established by the state. I’m here on behalf of the Cudahy Tenants Union. This is the time where we stand up and fight.”

Tevina Quintana proposed “rent control where rent raises are capped and stabilized to 1.3%” and called on more residents to speak out, “We need a rent control movement in Cudahy.”

Enamorado interviewed with us in regard to the Cudahy Tenants Union, which appears to be the newest Tenants Union in the Southeast Los Angeles area, joining Compton, Downey, and Paramount Tenants Unions.

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